CACS provides support through separated and coordinated services



Supported Living, including Community Living, empowers people to make their own life choices. Individuals are provided the support necessary to live safely and successfully in apartments or shared homes in their community. 



Residential Living  provides health, safety, and community inclusion in licensed long-term care homes in San Rafael. The home provides welcoming and warm, shared living situations for individuals who require 24/7 support with medical oversight. 



CACS provides an array of Day Services based on individuals needs. These services revolve around education, volunteer, employment, hobbies, and recreation. Services are mainly weekdays Monday through Friday, but may include weekends for those individuals managing thier own bussiness. 


"Joelle is given opportunites to make decisions and she has become more sure of herself."

Patty Somers / Supported Living Parent

Lupe, Krystal and Scarlett live separate lives but share a home in a quiet neighborhood. These good friends like feeling that they, "All have a place to hang out." Krystal likes that they each "Have our own room." Lupe likes the backyard. "We sit in the swing, that's the best thing we like to do." Scarlett said she does not get bored, "Things change all the time."

San Felipe Ladies/ Supported Living

...The organization treats the staff as family and the staff in turn give real kindness and sincere caring to the residents...This is a powerful point of integrity, when someone comes under the sheltering wing of Casa Allegra, they belong. If the person's health or situation is problematic the organization's people stand by them and find a way to make things better...In this contemporary world that seems so mean spirited at times, it is a statement of the richness of the human spirit to find such good people giving their best to these dear, severely disabled people who must depend on others for all their protection and well-being. I have the greatest gratitude and admiration for Chris and all the Casa Allegra staff."

Elia Haworth/ Sister of Residential Living Client