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CACS was founded in 1975 to provide normalized family style community living options for individuals whose extensive support and health care needs were generally perceived (at the time) to be able to be met only in institutional settings.


Values that shaped the agency include: a commitment to high quality services utilizing best practices within the context of the local community; respect for each individual and their family and friends; long term involvement with each individual; and supports that facilitate the ability of each individual to live a quality life as an active participant in their local community in accordance with his or her personal preferences. The values are evident in every aspect of agency operation and can be seen in interactions between staff and individuals, planning meetings, conversations regarding agency activities of specific individuals, the nature of agency or individuals goals, the involvement of individuals and their families, the process and nature of expansion over the years and in the makeup, orientation and efforts of the board of directors. 

Today, Casa Allegra typically provides supports to adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. CACS provides stability and meaningful, age appropriate activities for clients throughout life’s stages. CACS is respected for the quality of life and medical care we provide. Clients are referred to CACS through the State of California, GGRC (Golden Gate Regional Center). 


CACS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, based primarily in Marin County and have expanded to San Francisco and Sonoma County. We provide personalized services and supports for people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities around community living, family, daytime activities and employment opportunities since 1975.


Self-Determination Program

All individuals, regardless of ability, have the right to access the basic elements that make-up a good life, beginning with: family, independence, personal responsibility, and freedom of choice. The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act builds upon these basic fundamentals so that all individuals have the right to live their lives as they choose.

Similarly, the principles of Self-Determination include:

  • Freedom to exercise the same rights as all citizens; to establish, with freely chosen supports, family and friends, where they want to live, with whom they want to live, how their time will be occupied, and who supports them;

  • Authority to control a budget in order to purchase services and supports of their choosing;

  • Support, including the ability to arrange resources and personnel, which will allow flexibility to live in the community of their choice;

  • Responsibility, which includes the opportunity to take responsibility for making decisions in their own lives and accept a valued role in their community, and

  • Confirmation, in making decisions in their own lives by designing and operating the service that they rely on.

It is through this "Self-Determination Program" that all individuals are able to access what everyone deserves - "a good life."

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