Supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities one person at a time. 


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Meet Our Supporters

Planting seeds for the future

     Founded in celebration of Casa Allegra's 40th year, the Casa Allegra Legacy Society recognizes donors who have named CACS as part of their estate plans. Members of our Legacy Society will help ensure that successes of individuals who choose CACS services will continue to be realized each and every day. 

     If you have already named CACS in your estate plans, please consider notifying us. Your plans will remain revocable, but notification will allow us to be certain of honoring your intentions and to recognize you as a Member of our Legacy Society. members receive a personalized certificate and with your permission we will display your name in our next newsletter and in our office. 

     If you have any question or would like more information regarding planned gifts or Casa Allegra Legacy Society, please feel free to contact us directly. 

Chris Bonfiglio, Executive Director 415-499-1116 ext.266

Stanley Scott Crask
Dale, Donna & Dusty Dutton
The Mason Family Trust
Mary Ellen McCarthy
May Nanette Rice
Richurd & Patricia Somers
William & Kathleen Sloan

Thank you to our Donors & Grants      from July 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019


Freitas Foundation
George Lucas Family Foundation
Michael Basso Foundation


Sharon Adams
Yoshiko & Josh Adler
Adobe Road Winery
Thomas Altenreuther
Don & Nickie Andrews
April Angotti
Margaret Anthony
ASF Electric Inc
Bernadette & Dennis Baraty
Beach Blanket Babylon
Bella Notte Linens, Inc
Fred Bellero
Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Felice Betlem
Mary & John Bianchi
Black Bear Diner, San Rafael
Eric & Eri Brevig
Jeanette & Ronald Bruciati
Burkell Plumbing
California Academy of
Century Rowland Plaza
Ellen M Chafee
Chancellor Hotel
Peter & Kathy Cimarelli
Sylvie N Clerc
Kay G Conneely
Edward & Linda Contreras
Donna & Randy Cookston
John & Wendy Cozzi
Stanley Crask
John Cunnie
Michael Cunnie
Russell C Davis DPM
Mary & Jean de Shadarevian
Devon Ladies
James Dietz
Kevin W Dunlop
Dale & Donna Dutton
David & Maxine Eichel
Theresa & George Eisenberg
Ardis Enfiajian
European Wax Center
Rudy & Linda Fernandez
Ferrari-Carano Vineyards &
Ellen M Chafee
Fine Arts Museums of
San Francisco
Denise Flaherty

Fleks Fitness Sylvia
Brynda Foster
Helen Geer
Alfre & Clara Giannini
Good Earth Natural Foods
Andrew & Mary Greene
Greenwood Electric, Inc
Thomas & Kathryn Grossi
Irmelin Hafstad
Janice Haley
Brian J Patenaude

Hamburger Ranch & BBQ
Hand & Stone - Massage
& Facial Spa
Nicholas & Anton Haramis
Linda Haskett
Michael & Teresa Haskett
Elia Haworth
Sharon & David Herzer
Allen Herzog
Janice Hilsman
House of Prime Rib
Lorraine Iavarone
Idlewild Wines
Dixie James
Brian & Juli Jeffrey
Catherine Jones
Christopher & Sharon Jones
Edward & Linda Kangeter
CTI Transcription Services
Andrew & Jennifer Kirmse
Robert Knox
Andie Kunst
Robert V Kunst
Stephen & Mary Lamb
David Lambert
Allison LaMothe
Caitlin Lannon
Cecilia & Richard Lannon
Le Chalet Basque Restaurant
Left Bank
Jill Hallinan
Betty & Nick Lituanio
Marvin Lundwall
Transcon Shipping Co, Inc
Lucy Lyons
Sue MacMillan
Marin Resource
Recovery Center
Marin Sanitary Service
Marin Shakespeare
Paul & Rachel Markun
Leon Mason
Richard McAdams
Mary Ellen McCarthy
Diane & Walter McClain
Patrick & Kathleen McIlroy
McLeran Roofing

David Merin
John & Regina Milavec
Arthur & Anne Mitsutome
Moylan’s Brewery
Joan Murphy
Dan & Caroline Murphy
Shirley Murphy
Louise C Nave
Robert M Nave
James & Theresa Nevin
Gary Newman
Barbara Northam
Oakland Zoo
Michael & Teresa Ohleyer
Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary
Panchito’s Mexican
Robert & Linda Panico
Ignatious & Bonita
David & Peggy Peak
Noel & Eleanor Peloquin
Gregory Percy
Allen & Susan Peters
Priscilla Petersen
Pier 39
Clipped Wings
Larry & Charlene Riccaiardi
Ristorante La Toscana, Inc
Julia Ross
Sterling Ross Jr
Louis A Rossi
Maryann Saltonstall
Moira Salzberg
Schwab Charitable Fund
Carole Schwartz
Scotty’s Market
Michael & Jane Scurich
Donate for Charity
Darcy & William Shaw
Benton Sifford
Alexis Sifford
Silbermann’s Ice Cream
William & Kathy Sloan
Clara Solvason
Richurd & Patricia Somers
Sonoma Canopy Tours
Sonoma Raceway
Barbara Stephens
Harold Strouss
Ryk & April Tanal
John & Mary Kay Tannebring
Laura Targgart
Terrapin Crossroads
Janice A Tremblay
Lynne Trump
Lydia Tuveson
Hal Urban
George & Linda Vaio
VJB Vineyard
The Walt Disney Family
Frank & Sally Williams
Marcus Yamane
Barbara Yates
B Anne Zishka


Michael Brucciati

G L Mezzettea

Woods Memory

Robert Spano

Donna W Alban

Jay Brown
Ronald & Gloria Darrington Joseph C Sanchez

Dutton Family
Donald & Mary Lea Burden

Al Farbstein

Jefffrey Silberman

Larry Mason

Leon Mason  

Kevin McCarthy

Lawrence &
Georgene Costello

Mary Ellen McCarthy

Julian Rhine

Kevin Peak

Mark Barnes

Lisa Reynolds

David Baum

Edward Baum

Rita Baum

Ruth Friend

Julia Kazarian 
Gina Grossi
Gayle Hannigan

Sally Horn

Roberta Landers
Catherine L Mueller

Lauren Schryver

Graham Saltonstall

Catherine Caperna

Donna M Rutter

Debbie Sifford

Susan Files
Justin Sifford

Robin Sloan
William & Kathy Sloan

Joelle Somers
W Mitchell Barnes

Jack Friesen
Jean Phillips

Krystal Tremblay

Paula Hendricks

Susan Sanders

Jan Tremblay

Toni Tresco
Felice Betlem


Michael Birch
Louise & Harvey Birch

Albert Bonfiglio
Neil Burton

Cathy Cordone
Tunnard Patricia

Steven Douglas
Raymond & Imelda Douglas

Willa Duggan
Ralph & Margaret DeRango

Don Farbstein
George & Linda Vaio

Mary Farbstein
Allan Farbstein
Joseph & Judith McGrath

Nancy Fewell
Chris Bonfiglio
Allen & Susan Peters

Pierina Giosso
John & Patricia Giosso

Noel McCarthy
Carolyn & Jim Coe
Joseph Devito
Mary Ellen McCarthy
John & Barbara Parker
Rene & Maureen Revel
Martha Smythe
Siobhan Semple &
Tom D. Stoddard

Lillian McKillop
Jayne Verdon

Ellen McNeil
Jerry Draper & Mea McNeil

Peter Murphy
Michael & Dorothy Callan

Peter & Scotty Murphy
Marlene G Avona
Jane Murphy
Sharon Murphy

David Murray
Frank Murray

Julia Peters
Christine F Grogan
Allen & Sue Peters

May Rice
Edward & Janet Chen
Ann Coburn
Jefferson Rice & Ina Chun
Eric Steinert